Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

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Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

Post by Hallow »

Ok, I've seen this type of forum layout before. Every time I've eever seen a forum laid out like this, the max size for avatars was usually around 200 x 200, and users has the ability to post pictures rather than just links to pictures.

So my suggestion is that the max avatar size should be raised and perhaps adding on the ability to post pictures, or at least have pictures in our signatures.

I'd like to hear the imput that any of you may have on this idea.
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Re: Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

Post by shadow47 »

I'm fine with the avatar size right now, but I do like the picture idea. :D
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Re: Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

Post by Lestat69_99 »

*sighs* Children...always wanting more not realizing t\how good they've got it in the moment... And this is one of them moments...

Avatar size is fine...Sure you might have to do some resizing, but now you can do it when you post them. Unless your lazy.... Then you probably shouldn't be here...

Pics in sigs? Can't any of you read? How many times does the Webmaster have to say he hates them before people stop asking? Besides links to the pics in you sigs are fine, so the people who actually care will click and see what you have to show.

Same goes with posting images... Why force some ugly pic on people who could care less? Just post the link and go about your day....
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Re: Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

Post by Dreams »

100 x 100 for an avatar is standard size. I think double that gets too distracting.

And I'm fine with the image tag not being allowed - you start running the risk of people posting things that could be vulgar or sexual or offensive, etc. At least with links, nobody is forced to unintentionally look at it.
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Re: Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

Post by josh »

pictures in signatures are for f*ggots, they make the boards take longer to load. As for the ability to post a picture in a general post - also for f*ggots. same reason, plus links are fine.

as for avatar size, i think its good as it is...
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Re: Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

Post by Amray »

100X100 Is The Best Man! 8)
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Re: Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

Post by Dretlin »

I do not like the idea of pictures in our sigs, too messy and wastes alot of time loading whatever page.

100x100 is perfect.
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Re: Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

Post by Hardcore »

such a greedy forum :x
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Re: Suggestion - Avatar size and pictures

Post by Aoi Sakuraba »

I like Mats board AVI size its 200x200 and looks real nice, it adds to the forum being unique since almost all have a 100x100 and is so cookie cutter. I think a forum needs to have some unique features that others don't.....
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