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Looking to Register

Post by Zabo »

Forum/interweb wanderer here with a little question;

After browsing the place for a little bit, I've decided to join the site in order to possibly participate in the RPG sections and also get the word out for a struggling RPG I'm working with. But, I'm now finding it strange that:

1) Registration isn't necessarily needed to post.


2) The actual registration function appears to have been disabled.

Now, if this is something that a moderator or administrator must do (Registration), then it does make sense. I was just curious as to whether the button was broken/malfunctioning/etc. I didn't want to end up appearing as a spambot or something and start off on the wrong foot. If there's an FAQ section that deals with this issue, then could someone kindly point me in that direction so that I can make sure that my browser (firefox), isn't acting up and causing the registration problem?
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Re: Looking to Register

Post by webmaster »

Sorry about that! Somehow the registration setting became set to disabled. I have rectified the situation, thus you may now register.
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Re: Looking to Register

Post by josh »

gosh ken knows his stuff
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