OVA 3 and Episode 20 Special DVD?

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OVA 3 and Episode 20 Special DVD?

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I'm very excited!

Recently i was digging through my DVD collection and stumbled upon my DVD's of Tenchi, great i thought i love the show and actually can't remember what happens in it, perfect to watch! After finishing it i am a little depressed, i love the show and really wanted more so i pop online and i find out a whole new OVA is released!

I'm throughly excited, now my problem is this; I live in the UK, meaning that i am unsure exactly what DVD et to buy, all the websites i look on from the UK have no reviews about the set and the sites aren't very clear about what they contain.

Ideally what i am looking for are episodes 14-20.

Now i believe Amazon do one which contains episode 14-19, the front is white with Ryo-ohk as a space ship and a large Tecnhi with others behind on what appears to be a tin lid (which leads me to believe this is the UK version). However this is still missing out episode 20, the final one, which means the rest are rather pointless.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a DVD box set which contains episodes 14-20.

This would be perfect if you could recommend one to me, if one exists, or tell me, where from the UK i can buy these episodes.

Thank you very much for your time, and i greatly look forward to purchasing and viewing the new OVA!

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