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Oh my Goddess Episode Number Question

Posted: Nov 06, 2005 6:16pm
by gracefulneptune
Well - I'm having a bit of a dilema here - hopefully someone can help me out there. See, I wanna buy ALL the OMG episodes...but I'm not sure how they list all of them. I've seen them listed by movie/dvd numbers but then have seen them listed by OVA numbers and then I saw somewhere that just said there were 24 episodes. Who's right? And just how many episodes all together (minus the movie)are there? Help!

re: Oh my Goddess Episode Number Question

Posted: Nov 08, 2005 2:48am
by Sanger Zomvolt
There are two different versions of Ah! My Goddess, the TV Version is 24 episodes, and the OVA Version is 5 episodes. The TV Version is better in my opinion, the OVA Version has beautiful animation, but it tries to cram too much in. The OVA Version is a compacted version of the Manga. Go for the TV Version.

There is also a series called Oh My Goddess! Small is useful. This is just a parody series starring deformed characters from the TV and OVA. Each episode runs for 7 minutes, and there is a total of 48 episodes. And no, I do not believe this series has been licensed or fansubbed.

re: Oh my Goddess Episode Number Question

Posted: Mar 11, 2006 8:56pm
by scifi1980
The series you are talking about is the Adventures of the Mini Goddesse's it is a 4 Volume DVD set and has 48 episodes. It has been dubbed and released in the US about 4 years ago at least.