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Post by Biki »

any1 else love this anime. hibiki tokai is so... :love: :love: :love: but back off ppl he's MINE!
ikiBBiki :o
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re: Vandread

Post by Dark Wing »

I've seen this about 3 times already it's good story and everything but to short if you ask me. My favorite character was Deta she had me rolling on the floor laughing.
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re: Vandread

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if you think about it most good things are short.
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re: Vandread

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26 episodes is a decent length for an anime series, definitely not short. I found it amusing to find a Captain Bright Lookalike in Vandread: The Second Stage's final episode. Overall, it was a fairly decent show.
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re: Vandread

Post by scifi1980 »

I caught it on Encore last July and it got me back into my Anime hobby after about 8 months off. I was wrapped up in collecting Wrestling compilation tapes and Transformer toys.

On a scale of 1 to 10 stars I gave it a solid 7. It reminded me alot of Nadesico with Tenchi Muyo mixed in. A very good show.

I thought 26 ep was a good run for a show. It is the most common number for a show.

My favorite character is Meia. Maybe in my top ten because if someone were to compare my personality to an anime character I think she would be up there.

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Re: Vandread

Post by divinephoenix »

i've only watched the OAV...and it was great!!!

yoo should try to watch it too!!!
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