Do you ever hate when...

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Bao Zakeruga
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Re: Do you ever hate when...

Post by Bao Zakeruga »

Most of the time, it doesn't bug me, but when people call anime for little kids, it gets on my nerves.
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Re: Do you ever hate when...

Post by phantomdark »

That annoys the $#@& out of me :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Re: Do you ever hate when...

Post by Cream Soda »

same here i hate that :evil: :evil:
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Re: Do you ever hate when...

Post by animaniac »

yep.... hate it.... especially whne your friends who dont know anything about anime and call them Japanese cartoons.... not as bad as "cartoons" but still.
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Re: Do you ever hate when...

Post by Casshondra »

Cloud Leonhart wrote:Everyone in my family does'nt even seem to know what anime is, so they call it cartoons. I never bothered explaining, because they probably would'nt care anyways. It bothers me, but it does'nt irritate me.

Mine does that to except my sister she loves it has much as i do :mrgreen:
Gyro Zeppeli
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Re: Do you ever hate when...

Post by Gyro Zeppeli »

My mom calls them Japanese Cartoons. Not not that bad but it bothers me when people say anime is for kids
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Re: Do you ever hate when...

Post by Ryukon »

My father doesn't call it cartoons. Just "crap". :lol:

I've dealt with the anime thing from people who don't know it for a while, so now it doesn't really phase me. But, it does become some form of bother from time to time.
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The Rage
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Re: Do you ever hate when...

Post by The Rage »

Full Metal wrote:Do any of u ever hate when people call anime cartoons......grrrrr.... I HATE THAT SOOOOOOO MUCH......cartoons are those bad english stuff...well there not bad just not as good as anime....and since they call them cartoons they think its that kiddy stuff...grrrr..theres a big difference....

I share the same distaste for this. Anime is much more tasteful than the american cartoons.

What really gets on my nerves is that they do so much censorship on animes (even on Adult swim) even though the american cartoons are much ()they it untouched.

I don't have anything against american cartoons, it's just that american cartoons are even more "inappropriate."

If animes are going to be on Adult Swim, people could at least treat "adult."
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Re: Do you ever hate when...

Post by kekiko67 »

American animation sucks
my dad at least calls it anime
not cartoons or....crap...*shudders* but i hate it because like none of my friends are into it so they leave me out and when i recommend some they try to call me a geek for liking it. and i hate tht people call it baby stuff that pisses me off
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