A Parent's Guide for the Anime Obsessed

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A Parent's Guide for the Anime Obsessed

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This is a guide I made for your parents so that way you people might be able to find some common ground where anime is concerned. Does it work? I dunno. It hasn't with my parents yet...but oh well, I just think it's funny!

A PARENT’S GUIDE TO CHILDREN WHO ARE ANIME OBSESSED (Made by an anime lover for the parent’s of anime lovers)

(Note: This is for parents of the anime obsessed. It is a guide to help you understand your child or children and learn what to say and what not to say so you will not offend them. Parents of the not anime obsessed (those poor, poor, poor people) just ignore this and go on with the meaningless task you were doing before you stumbled upon this.)

1. Do NOT insult your child/children’s anime. It will offend them and soon others might be wiping your blue blood off the walls and your child/children will be hauled off to prison. If you have any insults, keep them to yourself, or write them down, seeing as anime insults are a very touchy subject with us.

2. If you child starts talking about anime, or some other thing about Japan that you don’t understand, don’t fret, just nod and pretend to get what they’re saying. It makes them very happy that you’re trying to understand them and it only wastes about half an hour of your time anyway.

3. If you see your child staring at a picture of what looks like a girl dressed in a guy’s clothing, chances are it IS a guy. If you are ever unsure on what gender a certain anime character is, do NOT say a word, seeing as child is very sensitive about parents getting anime genders wrong.

4. If you see your female child staring at a picture of what looks like a girl, do not worry, she is not gay, chances are it is a guy who looks like a girl because the creator wanted it to be that way and because it makes the anime cooler.

5. If you walk in the room and your child is on the internet, and they quickly minimize the screen, do not worry, they are not doing anything inappropriate, they just want to spare YOU of the mind-scarringness that they may be looking up/reading.

6. Do NOT be surprised if your child starts talking in Japanese. Just nod and smile when they tell you something. Also, do not try to get them to stop, they will defy you anyway. TO THE PARENTS OF BRATS AND/OR TROUBLE MAKERS: Beware, some of the things they say, words such as “Baka” or “Hentai” could be insults so be careful with this rule.

7.Do not be surprised if your child dyes their hair in funky colors and starts dressing the anime way. This is very cool and it will make them very happy if you say so. Hey, it’s only a little white lie. The Lord won’t condemn you for that if it makes your child happy.

8. Expect your child to blow their money on manga, DVD’s, or video games. It is normal. Do not worry, they will not do this in the future because anime teaches us about using our resources wisely and how to spend money. It may not seem it to you, but we have a deeper understanding of it.

9. Remember it’s Inuyasha. Say it with me : Ee-noo-yash-uh. Very good.

10. This is NOT a phase and we will NOT grow out of it. Do not try to break us of it by setting rules against it because it will never work. Rules are meant to be broken, that’s why we have them anyway. If you do not like your child/children liking anime, too bad. I guess it will haunt you for the rest of your life (or at least until your child moves out anyway).

And so concludes the parent’s guide to the anime obsessed. If you have any questions or comments, ask your child, not me. Be prepared to have a lot of stuff said to you that you know very little or nothing at all about. Good day and good luck.

Thanks for taking some time to read this! Have fun! :D
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Re: A Parent's Guide for the Anime Obsessed

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that's a great guide for parents!My parents aren't my prblem tho its my friends.
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Re: A Parent's Guide for the Anime Obsessed

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But parents never listen.
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Re: A Parent's Guide for the Anime Obsessed

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Mum needs to read this. She does almost everything with the genders. >..> I once tried to explain the fact that a boy was cross dressing in a manga for a reason and the girl was dressed as a guy cause she was unsure of herself.... ](*,)
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Re: A Parent's Guide for the Anime Obsessed

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Don't even bother trying to explain anime and manga to your parents because they'll just misunderstand and think it's all weird or porn or something.
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