Ikki Tousen

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Ikki Tousen

Post by Sheraku »

So does anyone like the show, I own the entire thing as well as the Manga^^
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Re: Ikki Tousen

Post by Free »

Doesn't this belong in the "Any Specific Anime" subforum? Anyway...

I've seen a few episodes of the anime and have 1 volume of the manga.
Meh. Way too much fanservice for me.
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Re: Ikki Tousen

Post by Miss Elizabeth »

Moved~Wrong Forum
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Re: Ikki Tousen

Post by Amray »

I have the 1st series 1-13 :], its great!!!!!! xD
Hot Females, Upskirts or Cleavage in practically every screenshot, amazing fights, comedy whats not to like??? :P

Actually A few nights ago i spent ages watching it and went to bed at like, 3 in the morning :] lol
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