If YOU were an Anime Character...

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Re: If YOU were an Anime Character...

Post by MARS4 »

MARS4 wrote:
Yami Haga-Ryuzaki wrote:So basically most of you just want to be other characters...?

...imagination is dead >>
Quite sad <.< Some people who have no imagination can be jerks(my cousin met a bunch of those kind of kids at school when she was younger. jerks... she'd be drawing a random anime character or something like in school, and other kids in her class would be "what're you doing? weird." DEATH BE TO THEM IDIOTS!)

Meh, I'd probably just be the boring type, a high school girl(though I don't know what shcool life is like, I'm homeschooled) With either short hair or kinda longish/short hair(just past shoulders), it would be brown and I have green eyes with gold and a spot of brown in one eye(That's what my eyes actually look like).

You guys like to go off topic a lot, I see ^^; Surprised it didn't get flamed or warn ^^; But good tihng it hasn't, eh? ^^;; good thiong for Ryuzaki, eh? ^^;; except now she is a slave x.x
...*shuts up* : x
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Re: If YOU were an Anime Character...

Post by yagami667 »

i would kill orochimaru :twisted:
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Re: If YOU were an Anime Character...

Post by Vanguard »

A combination of Vash/Helsing is closest to what my in-dream persona is. Evil, but noble.

That's just to give something for you all to compare too. It would take 10 pages to explain who I'd be if I was in a fantasy world.
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Re: If YOU were an Anime Character...

Post by Zyuuzu Jaggerjack »

I'd be a catboy so I could play with Neferpitou all day and all night...over and over...and over...and over...till my head burst with joy. ^_^
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Re: If YOU were an Anime Character...

Post by saikano »

well for me, i would have my natural black hair but it would be longer, i would have green eyes, a badass personailty and i would swear half the time, i would have a friend named pepper, and i would work for sesshomaru and naraku, be friends with kurama, rivals with hiei oh and i would be a witch! but a good witch with lots of powers!
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