Flight in Anime: Macross n' More!

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Flight in Anime: Macross n' More!

Post by Zabo »

Being an aircraft mechanic trainee, this kind of thread was bound to be created by me. ^^ I'm just curious as to which type of flying machine or flight mode do the AA forum goers here find interesting out of any particular Anime.

Do you like the Flying machines from Last Exile?

How about the Veritechs/Variable Fighters from Robotech/Macross?

What about the fghters from Yukikaze?

Name your favorite concept/craft from any series and why you like them, or discuss them with fellow enthusiasts!


I'll start this off and say that I really am partial to the Variable Fighters of Macross fame (And am kind of down that there isn't a Macross Section on the site). The Idea of a nuclear power plant for an aircraft, though not too sci-fi..does seem interesting. Heck, the fact that they turn into giant robots isn't a bad factor either. Also, the fact that they used UCAV type vehicles in an application similar to how they're being contemplated in todays military really struck me as sheer awesome..

Enough about me..how about you guys share your favorite flying machines.
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Re: Flight in Anime: Macross n' More!

Post by Duuz »

For real style of anime fighter combat see Area 88.
They use fighters that do exist today, the land carrier is a bit of a stretch though.
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