What I Think About... Death Note

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What I Think About... Death Note

Post by Jovenitto »

What a nice surprise. I haven't been this hooked on a show since... I can't remember!
It's been months trying to find the time to finish Samurai 7, and Samurai Champloo, but I saw the full 37 Death Note Episodes in just 2,5 days!

So, I don't have to tell you I liked it.

The storyline is mind-boggling, always-changing and full of twists, just the way I like it.
I could almost never predict what was going to happen, due to the high level of intelligence of the two main characters, Kira and L, and later with Mello and Near joining the "fun".
Score of 9.5

The main premise in this show is the eternal question wheter it is acceptable to do something that modern society thinks is unacceptable, if that action leads to improvement in said society. Kira thinks that he must kill people that have hurt or killed other people, in order to build a better, enjoyable world without crime. L believes that the ends don't justify the means, and thus condones this way of thinking and acting.
This is what defines all characters, not only Kira and L: their different points of view and what are they willing to do to abide by them.
For their determination, an 8.5

The anime itself is very easy to watch, the animation flows very well, with some games of light and color aiding in understanding the state of mind of the characters. Everything is very well drawn and, despite that there is no noticeable CG, good quality overall. Wouldn't expect any less in an anime from 2006.
8.0 points on this.

And last, the soundtrack. There are no noticeable theme songs throughout the show (during the actual episodes), but I was pleasently surprised with the Opening themes, especially the 2nd. It's not everyday that you watch 16 episodes that start with a juiced up rock/pop song, and, starting episode 17, get smacked in the face with some heavy-duty heavy-metal, somewhere between Slipknot and Sepultura.
The Endings also change in Ep.17, and also on the heavy-metal side of things, but hasn't caused that big of an impact on me as the change in Openings. It fits well with the pressure that these episodes made me feel.
The rest was pretty average, so a 7.0 is in order.

As a treat, here are the links for the 1st and 2nd openings (links to Youtube). Check them out.

Adding up:

Characters: 8.5
Storyline: 9.5
Animation: 8.0
Music: 7.0

Which amounts to 8.25. A very enjoyable anime to watch, and keeps you guessing what will happen next. You should definitely watch it if you have the chance.
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Re: What I Think About... Death Note

Post by Yuki~ »

Wow, you did like Death Note, huh?
Have you seen the Death Note subforum already?? I think you'd enjoy there XD

Ummm.. my opinion... Death Note was awesome until episode 25.
Aand L is the best! \o/ XD
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Re: What I Think About... Death Note

Post by Aoi Sakuraba »

I thought the first half was a straight 10/10 but the second have was absolutely horrible. The second half I'd give a 2/10
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Re: What I Think About... Death Note

Post by Sinsei »

Death Note was a great anime,until the later episodes. I don't know what happened after the first 20 or so episodes.
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Re: What I Think About... Death Note

Post by Commander Sparx »

Yes, I have to say Death Note is good. I don't really follow most anime all the way though to the end. But this anime I watched it all the way to episode 37.
But I have to say that it gose dead and drags a bit after L dies.
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Re: What I Think About... Death Note

Post by LeoXiao »

Death Note was completely awesome all the way, until the last episode. In fact, the second half seemed a little rushed (which it was, since the manga was longer), but this didn't really bother me until the final showdown. It was till pretty good, though it would've been great if they stayed faithful to everything that was in the manga (which they did a pretty decent job of).
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