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New take on an old idea

Post by jyncka »

I started watching Time of Eve which is very good. This another series with the theme "treat robots like humans" which is a variation of the ever popular "everybody's equal and happy and special".

Anyways, I was happily surprised when the characters mentioned the Three Laws of Robotics. For anyone that either never read Isaac Asimov's novels or even saw I Robot, this is a fundamental concept that robotics are built upon in his universe. Basically they state that robots may not harm humans, disobey an order given by a human and must protect themselves, as long as the third law doesn't conflict with the second and first law and the second doesn't conflict with the first.

When I Robot came out, it was neat to see this idea appear somewhere else besides those novels and now it's again neat to see it in anime. I'm interested to see where the story goes and how much they incorporate the three laws, and how will the characters' visits to the cafe affect their lives?

Anybody else have thoughts on this series?
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