Haruhi S2

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Haruhi S2

Post by Tsukasa »

it's about time they aired it.

Just like the original, its in the messed up order(starting with ep. 8)

its supposed to be alternating S2 with S1 episodes

whats your feelings on this?
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Re: Haruhi S2

Post by Axle Starr »

Inexplicable...honestly...I'm not sure what to think or how to explain it....
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Re: Haruhi S2

Post by Dio Brando »

I've never really liked the show. It has an okay story but it's poorly handled, IMO, and Yuki is the only character I find likable. Add to it the fact that the story will probably never be finished (the tenth novel is quickly heading down the route of Duke Nukem Forever)

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Re: Haruhi S2

Post by Baby Duck »

SKIP EPISODE 3 AND GO TO EPISODE 4. They're the exact same thing. You've been warned.
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