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Re: ah! my goddess

Post by stinkykid »

i like the eposodes and the movie

Re: ah! my goddess

Post by akeria »

To tell you the truth I thought it was very boring.
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Re: Oh, my Goddess!

Post by scifi1980 »

4 days ago I won an auction for what I thought was a preorder of the Vol 6 dvd of the Ah My Goddess TV series. Then today to my surprise I received the dvd in the mail!!! Apparently even though it has a street date of July 11th volume 6 is available online. Just thought I would toss that out in case you can't wait that long :mrgreen:

2 new Ah! my goddess series

Post by heeroyuy »

i found 2 new Ah! my goddess series

Ah! my goddess: everyone has wings, a sequel to Ah! my goddess it takes place before the movie. There are 8 episodes but i heard there will be more with a total of 15 episodes.

The adventures of the mini goddess. A funny oav serie featuring Urd Skulld and Belldandy. i found 48 episodes but there are more.

Has someone heard of these series? and did you like it?
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Re: 2 new Ah! my goddess series

Post by Slash »

Yeah, I have both of them. I really liked the 8 Episode TV series, but the Adventures of the Mini Goddess is more of a joke. It does have its funny parts though. The episodes are pretty short too, they're not the traditinal 1/2 hour.
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Re: Ah! My Goddess

Post by scifi1980 »

Yeah I just found out this week about everyone has wings. Some guys from Hong Kong are selling 8 episode dvds for $7 bucks at eBay. Of course they are japanese with optional English or Chinese subtitles. I thought about grabbing one, but I sort of want to wait for the US release because I prefer the dub versions a little more. Does anyone know when the US versions will be released?
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Re: ah! my goddess

Post by divinephoenix »

i'm watching the series and i find it cool so far..not yet boring...
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