Please tell me...

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Please tell me...

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Please tell me

i have only seen some of the shaman king episodes because i live in the uk ive seen up to the vampire one where rio and trey turn into vampires.

But what i want to know is yoh's weapons. i know trey has his icupasi (if thats how u spell it) and that len has the thunder sword but ive seen pictures of yoh and that tiny red dagger. what is it called and what is that massive sword that he makes when he combines his red dagger and his normal sword and it makes a massive sword. thanks again

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Oh comon! there has to be somone here that can answer him...attempt to atleast guys.

Sigh...looks like everyone here is too busy being prissy...Ill tell you man..just gimme a few to research.
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A Question in 'Hikaru No Go'

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I have finished watching 'Hikaru No Go' However I still don't know how to play 'Go'. Hehehe

But My question is...

What the hell is the 'Divine Move' or 'Move of God' or 'whatever move' they are attempting to achieve?

I don't understand...

Can someone please kindly enlighten me on this subject? :)

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I think they're basically seek the perfect Go strategy, just like chess players keep looking for that ultimate strategy.

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