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Gravitation & Gundam Wing

Posted: May 07, 2006 10:11am
by Queen_of_Hearts
I'm a huge gravitation fan and I have scene all the episodes of it and while watchin them I've noticed that quiet a few characters resemble characters from gundam wing and I have a picture of gravitation on my file on my dads computer and he looked at it and said that whoever makes that anime also makes gundam wing because of the way the characters look. So what i wanted to know was do the same people that do the animation for gundam wing do the animation for gravitation.

thanks :D

Re: Gravitation & Gundam Wing

Posted: May 08, 2006 1:12am
by Sanger Zomvolt
The character designer for Gundam Wing was Shukou Murase, while the Character designers for Gravitation were Miho Shimogasa (For the TV Series) and Hiroya Iijima (For the OAV). Gravitation was produced by Sony, while Gundam Wing was produced by Sunrise. They are not related in any way.