Detective Conan/ Case Closed--pLs. read...

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Detective Conan/ Case Closed--pLs. read...

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hi people outder! Just want to ask if Shinichi Kudou [or as Conan Edogawa] returned to his original body as a 17-year old boy?! Or he just remained in the body of an eight year old kid?! pls. answer!! thanks...

about my last post-- topic: "does Echizen, Ryoma love Sakuno too?!" --pLs. answer it too., this may seem so unusual [or whatever you call it] but I think that the character of Sakuno in the anime "PRINCE OF TENNIS" is so stupid., sorry!! but i think so., and I really love Ryoma Echizen :love: he's so cute.,!! I love him....! that's what my username means--I Love Echizen., in FILIPINO language., "love ko Echizen" --i used the letter "q" as a shortcut in the word "ko" [means -mine- example: "pencil ko.,"="MY PENCIL"/ I "LOVE KO ECHIZEN"="I LOVE ECHIZEN" :) ] and I changed the spelling of love as lhab., :) so long., bye!! waiting for your replies... -lhabqechizen24
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Re: Detective Conan/ Case Closed--pLs. read...

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too bad darkbear wasn't here...He loved that show...I loved that guy *runs away crying*
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