i just wanted to know...

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i just wanted to know...

Post by GummieBear »

what are the ROMANTIC/ ROMANTIC COMEDY anime? those are my favorite kinda. like InuYasha, Chobits... or just any really good anime NEED HELP i want to watch something new.

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Post by WhoWantsToKnow »

Romance comedy, eh?

There's always classics from Rumiko Takahashi:
    Ranma ½
    Urusei Yatsura
    Maison Ikkoku
Here are other classics:
    Tenchi Muyo!
    Kimagure Orange Road
    Marmalade Boy
Now for more recent ones:
    Love Hina
    Please Teacher (A related series Please Twins is coming soon)
    Ai Yori Aoshi (This also has a sequel)
    Midori's Days

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I'd say fruits basket (furuba). ^_^ My fave series & manga... if u like inuyasha, u should like fruits basket!! :mrgreen:


Post by tails_adventures_2040 »

Fruits Basket is very good and I strongly recommend it!

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Post by Poison_Ivy »

Fruits basket is great up until the end. As usual the ending of this anime does not live up to expectations.

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I just wanted to know...

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My all time faves are Rave Master & Inu-Yasha one of my sis' friends recommended Fruit Basket but i never got around to it.

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Post by KamikazeGhost »

Ninja scroll...yeah, that's totally all about comedy and romance. From start to finish. I swear.

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