TV series from 1992

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TV series from 1992

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I have decided to try to find this old series which I was exposed to when I lived in Osaka in 1992. It was demented by decades ahead of its time - I maintain that the creators of "South Park" must have partly incorporated the show's lead character into the creation of "Cartman," plus it has some of the ...insouciance... that can best be found in "Squidbillies." ...or at least from what I remember, as it was 1992, after all.

Anyway, we would find this in the TV guide section of some English-language newspaper and, what I remember about how the show's title was transliterated for us Anglos was, that it was called "Obut-Chammagun." However, Clusty-searches and searches of sites like this one lead only to "no results" responces. ...don't know if that means I'm mispelling or it really has become rare or some such...

From what I've seen though, this site might be the best forum to find someone who remembers what I'm talking about. Any ideas?

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Re: TV series from 1992

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I think you're going to have to be a little more descriptive than that. I doubt any of us were in Osaka let alone Japan at that time.

Although you might be refering to Chibi Charuma-chan so something like that, which I've heard was called the Bart Simpson of Japan.
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Re: TV series from 1992

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I've never heard of Chibi Charuma-chan, but there's this show that aired on Adult Swim called Crayon Shin-chan. I've only seen a few showings, but I'll say it's about as crass as South Park and the likes. The show has been running in Japan since '92 but it has only made in the States recently, so the translation is a bit quirky (they changed a lot of the japanese pop-culture references).
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