hehe i started a website just today

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hehe i started a website just today

Post by collena »

ok i know it is not finished but if any one wants pictures my website is the place to go.... well will be so far i have 750+ pictures ^^ and i am working on it as we speak ITS http://www.freewebs.com/collena and here is a trick to saving the pictures to your computer, 1) once you have found a pic u want, there is a tab under the pic that says full size click it! 2) once the new page opens press ctrl + A on your keyboard 3) click and drag on the pic move it to the very bottom bar on your screen. the one that has the time and start button on it. 4) once the page min. drop it on your desk ^^ if there is a special stop you have for your anime pics then simply move it there^^

if any of you guys have free time could you check if this works for me... to make sure :mrgreen:
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Re: hehe i started a website just today

Post by roland82 »

Had a quick look, its not bad. I like bebop pics, im too lazy to save them though.

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Re: hehe i started a website just today

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Forget that, almost any one can make on of those. But is a good start. Keep up the good work. ;)

Try and run a forum like this. ;)
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