Two questions: characters and anime~

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Two questions: characters and anime~

Post by Ichitai »

Hi there! Sorry if this topic is wrong for this forum, but it’s a tad unclear, so… yeah.

Ok, well I was wondering if anyone could help me find characters, doesn’t matter where from (anime, game, book, I don’t care), that are female and have pointed/elf ears? I’m interested in cosplays for my BJD, who happens to be female and have pointed/elf ears.

And for my second question, I need to find this anime that I saw millions of years ago while my mom and I were in China. I don’t remember much about it, so what I’m telling you is what I know. It was seemingly nearing the end of the series, and it had two characters that I remember, a boy and a damsel in distress. The scene that is most vivid, however, is the fact that it was late at night, and the girl was in a mansion that was falling apart as a ginormous tree started to grow up from the middle of the house. The guy was coming to save her, and they ended up escaping through the back of the mansion or something along those lines. If anyone can recognize these details, please let me know what this anime is!
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Re: Two questions: characters and anime~

Post by Duuz »

For the first question there are a lot of anime females with pointed ears.
Deedlit from the Record of Lodoss War
Lum from Urusei Yatsura has pointed ears, she also has horns.
Nerine from Shuffle has large pointed ears
Lisanthus from Shuffle has less pronounced pointed ears.
Dota from Sorcerer Hunters has pointed ears and wings
Celcia from Those Who Hunt Elves, it's obvious she's an elf.
Elwyn from Shinning Tears
To name some well known ones.

The second question I'm not sure about. Is there an anime version of "The Fall of the House of Usher"? Those I'm pretty sure the girl dies in that story, I've seen so many versions of it. A giant tree... this makes me think of just two different anime.

One is Laputa, Castle in the Sky where the castle is falling apart at the end amid a giant tree. With the hero coming to the rescue of the girl.
The other is Green Legend Ran where the guy is coming to rescue the girl while the alien structure (I use that term loosely) falls apart. They escape through a giant seed pod launching system.

I'd go with Laputa, Castle in the Skyas the possible answer.
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