unknown female robot anime from the eighties?

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unknown female robot anime from the eighties?

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Back in the mid-late eighties I'd occasionally rent out an anime from my local video hire shop, it may not have been an anime - perhaps it was a european/american animation done in the anime style, it was dubbed into english - possibly american accents, for the life of me I cannot rememebr what it was called, but I do remember some details:

There's a scene when one of the main characters (guy with dark hair) is driven along a motorway to his destination (a city?) by a car that can drive itself.

There's a scene when same character(?) is being trained or shown how the people he works for/is associated with do their business - he is told to kill some kind of drones - robotic/organic in a dark room, and he refuses to.

There's a scene towards the end of the cartoon when the same character(?) is with a female robot with long blonde hair, the place they are in is under attack/collapsing/on fire/about to be destroyed, the robot changes into something the guy can use to escape or does something sacrificing herself to save the human - perhaps becoming some kind of phoenix (maybe getting mixed up with battle of the planets here?)...

That's all I have, does anyone know what this is?

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Re: unknown female robot anime from the eighties?

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Or you might be mixing up different anime series.
The details are too little. I can think of some anime that fit small parts of those details but not all of them. Furthering to mid-eighties limits it but not by much. It's clearly a sci-fi anime.

It could very well be an episode of Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman. Or it could be from Locke the Superman, though I don't remember any blonde female robots in that. Or an episode of Starblazers, don't remember any blond robots in that either.

Keeping with anime that was out in the US on VHS early 80's, Planet Busters, which if it's that good luck finding it. It was released on VHS and never licensed for re-release on DVD.

Maybe some more details will jog my memory a bit more. If it is an anime.
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