trouble remembering a movie title

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trouble remembering a movie title

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hey there i'm trying to figure out the name of a movie i saw awhile ago. it starts off with a girl in a hover car hearing about a car chase on a bridge, she jumps into the mix and stops the chase but ends up taking her car threw a building and putting herself into a coma. the girl is part of some sort of special unit and the rest of the movie mainly takes place in her mind where she fights along side her friends/squadmates against the residents of this desert town where shes unable to leave (everytime she goes threw the front gate shes warped back inside the town).

she uses a magnum as a weapon but cant fire it alot due to her wirst starts to hurt and as trouble firing more shots, the rest of the unit have their own ways of fighting and i remember one of them is alot older then the rest and as a crow with him all the time. the movie jumps back to the real world from time to time where her friends stand beside her in hospital waiting for her to awake, while inside her mind shes fighting for her life against a dark evil that takes shape as a lil girl with a black cat which in the end the cat becomes a gaint cat and takes on the women in a cemetery in a final showdown.

the whole movie is in japanese and uses subtitles, i remember also seeing galaxy express 999 around the same time as well. any help would be appreciated