Toradora!: Curious Minorin/Amin Question

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Toradora!: Curious Minorin/Amin Question

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So I just finished Toradora! And I was curious about the relationship between Minori and Ami: are they going out?

I would highly recommend that any participants finish watching the anime and/or the light novel series, because the potential for posters mentioning spoilers will be extremely high if not inevitable...ah, inevitable!

Here's what I've gathered.
-Minori Kushieda mentioned that she might like girls to Ryuuji.
-Minori has to talk to Ami about something during ep24. Could she have asked Ami Kawashima out while everyone was gone?
-During ep25, Minori calls Ami Amin, suggesting a closer friendship between the two characters.
-My biggest obstacle is that Ami has not mentioned anything to anyone about being lesbian or bisexual outside of normal concern for her friends. Did I miss something?

What I want to know is if all this adds to simply a close friendship, or something much more. I appreciate any and all details from the anime that I had missed in my initial observations. That is all.

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Re: Toradora!: Curious Minorin/Amin Question

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no i doubt it... all three of them like ryuuji (given as this us a romance comedy)...
She rejected Ryuuji because she knew the Taiga's true feelings, she plays being a ditz type character where infact she her self is really knowledgable, empathetic, etc. ... Ami is alwayse on Minori's case because she get's mad that Minori doesn't show her true feelings, or doesn't talk about what she feels....probably...With they're getting closer, i think it's because they got to talk things through...probably...
it may or it may not...i never really liked the who ami-Minori drama in the show...although necessary at the no to dwell on it ^_^... although all my thoughts are speculation on a show i just remember certain bits and pieces..
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