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Looking for an Anime

Post by Jamie »

Okay, I have tried for years to track this down. But I do have a little bit of information about the movie I watched more than a decade ago at this point.

I know that the town worshiped this Black Marker. And a bratty girl stole it and took off across a Desert, and a boy who doesn't talk goes to track her down and take care of her because he swore he would do it (swore to someone I don't remember) Anyway, she ends up writing on his Forehead with it, and there are people from Space...a hot chick follows him around. The Mark is perma, and he can't wash it off....

Can someone PLEASE help me...I don't think I'll ever find it again, and I want to, because I remember it was really funny. I believe it was in English too...if that helps.
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Re: Looking for an Anime

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The series comes in parts the first one being titled Photon; the Idiot Menace.
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