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Name that anime

Post by chriswolvie »

My apologies if this has been asked already...but this has been bugging me for weeks and I need an answer.

In this AMV video ( there are parts where someone put Hetalia characters over other anime scenes. I recognize a few...but one part is bugging me. Or should I say, SEVERAL parts based on what looks like the same anime. The first part starts around 1:43 and lasts for about twelve seconds. There are other parts as well. The anime I'm looking for has a rock band or two guitarists, a keyboardist and a drummer...and the bass guitarist looks to be left-handed. If you watch this AMV, I'm sure you'll see the parts I'm referring to. The question is...what the heck's the anime that the Hetalia characters are mimicking?!

Any ideas, anyone?
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Re: Name that anime

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could be K-On!

Wiki Page:!

picture of the main characters: ... rge-09.jpg
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