Why do people have issues with anime?

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Why do people have issues with anime?

Post by Olivia »

I only hear them complaining about the breast. When yet NOT ALL anime has big breast. Even still it's aimed at teen guys and adults. But I heard people say Pokemon is stupid. But why? I mean what is the difference between Anime and American cartoon?

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Re: Why do people have issues with anime?

Post by Yamasachihiko »

I think it's just that some people don't like something if its different than what they have been exposed to, Like not being exposed to anime/manga would get a dislike for it? just like how I saw anime on our TV when we got a satellite dish for the first time it had a free preview of some channels and I saw some anime, then cartoon network started to have anime on and I think that was a lot of peoples gateway into anime unless thy had access to anime from a family member or channels from other countries. Nobody in my family was into anime when I got started, But I really like Anime and Manga. I'm a guy but I don't think fan service makes a show I mean if its comedy its one thing but no plot just fan service it's not like a real show.

:-k Over time they made poor Brock into a running gag, Like Team Rocket's attempts to get PikachuBrock was totally brushed off by girls left and right for comical purposes and it made him be disliked by some real girls because it made him look like a womanizer he wasn't like that to start with... and now he' s going to leave to become a Pokemon Doctor not a breeder apparently I thought it was a rumor but it looks like it to be true. But maybe it will be good for him to get a girlfriend as in one and be a doctor and make guest appearances like Misty sometimes. I wish people would post so more on this place theres a live chat box thing also.

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Re: Why do people have issues with anime?

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