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hi there,
first time ever posting anything like this. But ive been killing myself over it like some anime fans. ive been scowering the net trying to find any info on this show, whose name i cant even remember.
I'd really appreciate ANYONE'S help.

I'm from Canada, they used to air a show on a station called TVO here. Im pretty sure it was anime, actually, im positive. I remember their being an original version and then another hyperly dubbed and censored version. I can only remember the theme song. Something along, "we are friends of the forest, come a join along.." or something. in this show, the main character is a field rat? ground hog? who lived with his brothers and sisters with his parents until they all moved out from the field, he moved to the forest. he met and fell in love with and consequently lived with another field rat/ground hog girl. she was very femimin white, with yellowish tuffs of hair. and they lived underground, and dig A LOT of burrows and tunnels. they eventually had kids.
the villains include a young red fox and his grandma who try to eat the other denizens of the forest.
There's also the farmer's son who looks alot like the Hamburgler/Ronald MacDonald. and the animals had a very tumultuous relationship him.
Comical characters include a hyper but cute yellow squirrel with red overalls, a shrill and annoying blue jay, a woodpecker who'd tell time and warn all the animals about stuff, a beaver who was disliked when he moved their, a loner bear, a wiley coyote that the foxes are terrified of.
a scardy skunk who'd spray anyone who'd freak him out, a cool toad who ate ants with the bear.
a porcupine who at one time fought the coyote, melee style and almost lost.

Does any of this ring a bell for anyone? if so, have you ever dug up any info at all on this series? Anyone? Help! its sooo aggravating to know this much about a show and NOT know its name and anything else about it. Thanks alot for your time.


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Word, I believe it's called the Fables of the Green Forest. You're in the exact same predicament I was in, for the same show. Although I can't find the opening that you and I remember, and the original is... very 80s.


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I'd like to watch this shindy, for sure.


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Oh I know the old opening. I have it recorded on a video somewhere. Man. Old times. I miss them.

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