Weight and Height

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Weight and Height

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Well this isn't directly about an anime, mostly about what people do involving anime. When you find profiles like the ones on this site, how do the people go about estimating their height or weight? :? Espescially weight...


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well i guess the information is created from the writers...ive seen profiles of the same charcters on different sites and they're always the same :wink:


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once someone told me that a writer is always suphose to know everything about their character-weaknesses,strong sides,looks,attitude and the list goes on and on.
...and I guess its right too bechause the more detail the better, besides if you think/make up a character it would be best if you deside the weight and height bechause when they/you put the characters in action, then they/you can figure out the background, I mean you cant make the character as tall as the trees (in anime)when you allready wrote/thought that you want the character to be realley short...but thats what might happen if writers dont deside their characters weight/height.lots of arguing etc :roll: .
I know exactly what im talking about bechause I also write fanfictions, my own stories and so on.It takes me about a week to deside one characters details...and I have about 56 characters ( :shock: ) and a lot are still stuck in my head...

Hope this helps you. :lol:

*stares at the looooooooong reply*

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Yep. Writers are supposed to know everything about their characters, including what they had for breakfast last Thursday.

Most of the men’s height and weight looks about right but most of the women are way too light. For instance they’ve got Takani Megumi of Rurouni Kenshin as being 5’ 5” and 99 lbs. If that is so, that girl really needs to eat something!!!!! A healthy woman of that height would look great at around 120. And a super athletic women would weigh even more because muscle mass weighs more than fat. Now when you start to figure in the big boobs ……….
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