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Re: re: Best Gundam Pilot

Posted: Nov 01, 2007 7:39am
by Lestat69_99
Zero Morrison wrote:
Duuz wrote:There is also that the Zeons spent too much time and effort on mobile armors like the Big Zam. It's like making more tanks when what you need is more rifles. But the Gelgoog is what suffers the too little too late situation. I've always liked the Gelgoog.

Its probably the second best Zeon Mobile Suit behind the Quebely which was in Zeta so I don't know if that counts, and the thing that Char used in the first volume of Char's deleted affair which I must find again because I want to read the rest of it >_>

I think it depends on the period. If you go with the One Year War only, then many beleive that the Kampfer is Zeons best suit even with it's fuel consumption problems. It's Zeons quickest and most manuverable suit of the time.