which gundam is better Wing zero or burning Gundam.

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Re: which gundam is better Wing zero or burning Gundam.

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burning is not even a match for the wing zero so just imagine the costume wing zero it would be a suicidal mission for the burning gundam cuz thats exactly wat is goin to to lol but back to topic at hand come on who so ever pilots the wing zero has no emotions to harness is straight kill and don't be killed not only is the wing zero fit foe long range but also close range combat unlike burning....he is mainly fit for closes now if you ask me he goin to have one hell of a problem getting close to wing zero and if he manage to get close wing zero would take his head off befor burning can begain his little chant but at the end of the day thier both gundams but burning is meant for fighting and wing well [censored] its meant for nothing but death.......zero system engaging the target all obstetrical must be ELIMINATED lmfao lol if you ask my EPYON CAN TAKE BURNING ALSO
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Re: which gundam is better Wing zero or burning Gundam.

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If you think you can take the full frontal force of a nuke blasting into your chest, then you can take burning.
and that's not even the divine finger :)
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