Hey, should I get into this??

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Re: Hey, should I get into this??

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The ending is a real curve ball, we'll just leave it at that. lol
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Re: Hey, should I get into this??

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Shoot, I'd even call it a Knuckleball
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Re: Hey, should I get into this??

Post by Lexin Kotetsu »

Okay... thanks..... I think, when I get done with Ouran High School Host Club, I'll start this... maybe...:)
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Re: Hey, should I get into this??

Post by Tyche »

So, uh.... are you, like, ever, like, gonna go stand up for yourself in your, like, mod app?
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Re: Hey, should I get into this??

Post by thedarkconquerer »

@ Lexin

I'd totally reccommend this anime. It's the first anime I ever saw - and its what got me hooked on anime - I loved it.

Though, that being said - if you're this late in watching it as is you might as well wait for the four Rebuild Movies to come out, and watch those instead?

Not taking anything away from the original or anything like that - just saying thats always an option. ^^

Haha, I remember standing up for myself for my Mod Application with some pretty damn good logic - I gave up in the end though cause I wasn't seen as being active enough haha :P
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