Your Favorite Eva?

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Favorite Eva!!!!

Unit00/ Rei
Unit01/ Shinji
Unit02/ Asuka
Unit03/ Toji
SELEE's Evas
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Shinji Ikari

Your Favorite Eva?

Post by Shinji Ikari »

My faorite Eva is Unit01 because it goes beserk and it looks really cool!!!
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re: Your Favorite Eva?

Post by BigKwell »

I like Unit 01 and Shinji because Shinji has to put up with so much crap in his life.
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re: Your Favorite Eva?

Post by Envy »

I like tojis eva. even though it came out for 1 episode, it was very cool. [spoiler]Even thought it was an angel I get mad everytime i see what happens to it, but then again it was cool of eva unit 1[/spoiler]

re: Your Favorite Eva?

Post by sarahjane »

This might be a SPOILER

I said Unit 02 because of the tragic way that it was destroyed. Also, because what Asuka went through not only in life in general, but inside her Eva.

re: Your Favorite Eva?

Post by URJ »

Eva unit 1 is the best suited eva for shinji, it especially looks cool when it's beserk.
[spoiler]I just love the episode where shinji and eva unit 1 get stuck within the angel that appears on the ground. Episode 14 or 15 if not mistaken. Back to the point... I just keep on watching the bit where he emerges from the floating orb and like the ground breaks up and all. Damn that was the coolest scene in an anime i saw.[/spoiler]
But... Tojis eva was pretty cool too. Unfortunately not much of it was shown. :(
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re: Your Favorite Eva?

Post by AishaStar »

My favorite Eva Unit is Rei's Unit00. (Not going into detail for fear of spoiling, but. . .) Rei and the Eva Unit have the best background story of them all. It's just fasinating to me.
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re: Your Favorite Eva?

Post by enkigilbert21 »

Eva 01 rocks. Its the best one in my book.
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re: Your Favorite Eva?

Post by Nathan~Chevalier »

i prefer uniot two cause it looks really cool and Asuka is amazing. and after it awakens its the best. also its supose to be the first eva suited for combat and Asuka its a better fighter than the others. if she could kill all those seeles evas so fast she is great.
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re: Your Favorite Eva?

Post by Deacon »

During the series, the Unit 03 was my favourite. It's very cool and strong, thanks to the contamination of Bardiel.

Seeing the films, well, Unit 01 is much better. I can't describe why. It's (or "she's" :wink: ) simply wonderful. That's me during the Third Impact: ](*,) :shock: =P~
And I love its colour. I love purple!
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