I dont like Gaara


Re: I dont like Gaara

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eh? :-s

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Re: I dont like Gaara

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Hidden_Leaf wrote:Gaara is the most powerful of the Sand Tribe, in my opinion. But when he turns into those Jutsus that make him into creepy sand monsters....that's just wierd. And Lieutenant Colonel Ryukon is right. We don't understand alot about Gaara. :|
:heh: when he goes half shukkaku he is creepy but yeah i agree to your post
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Re: I dont like Gaara

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gaara freaks me out. i don't like him but my older brother does.
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Re: I dont like Gaara

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I don't agree...

I don't think his past was sad and heart breaking. They tryed too hard and made it retarded.
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Re: I dont like Gaara

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Gaara has something wrong with him...i really dont like him. He is so into death and all that crap. My twin like him but she can't even tell me why. There is nothing to him but darkness. Gaara makes bushy brow look handsome... :D some what...
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Re: I dont like Gaara

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Gaara's okay, I suppose.
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Re: I dont like Gaara

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Gaara is okay. Sometimes he's weird...

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Re: I dont like Gaara

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I didnt like him too much!!!! i like his abilities!!!!
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