Lee is ____.

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Re: Lee is ____.

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Yami Haga-Ryuzaki wrote:I don't see why girls don't like him. =\ He's sweet, strong and caring - plus he's hell funny, polite and generous to boot! AND he's CUTE.
I'd kill for a boyfriend like him, with or without the eybrows. ♥ Whenever I watch the episode where Sakura turns him down I groan.

(and the fact he's a mad drunk is even better ;D)
Agreed. I can't believe she turned him down for Sasuke.
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Re: Lee is ____.

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Yeah that eunuch boy with no life!
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Re: Lee is ____.

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first impressions make everything remember. the first time she met him, not only does she think he looks weird but that he blew her a kiss. her first impression was that he was a freak and FI's are pretty hard to break
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