Neji/hina fans?


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Re: Neji/hina fans?

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yeah like Elfen Lied :roll:
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Re: Neji/hina fans?

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that's just wrong :evil: , since they are cousins, but if they weren't cousins, i guess they would look alright :twisted: .[/spoiler]
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Re: Neji/hina fans?

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Ok I TOTALY don't get the point of anime couples I mean really all you people do is watch the show and when you see two people who are rivals or battling each other or if they have the same hair style or eye color or if one person has a crush on another person you guys consider them as a COUPLE! I mean really for instince shikamaru and temari battled each other and all of a sudden you guys make them a COUPLE gaara saved lee's [censored] and their all of a sudden a COUPLE hinata likes naruto and all of a sudden their a COUPLE hinata and neji are COUSIN and their a COUPLE sasuke and hinata have black hair and their a COUPLE gaara protected matsuri and guess what? THEIR A COUPLE and what REALLY got me started was when it looked like you guys made COUPLES out of RANDOM no really can someone tell me what episode SAKURA and TEMARI where with each other?! i mean really people seriosly?! all off these characters are just helping each other out and then you guy's make them a COUPLE! all you guys are doing with these COUPLES are making naruto and all the other anime look bad! oh and no offense but who ever started the whole COUPLE thing just SCREWED UP. BIG TIME.(p.s. a couple is when two people are actually MARRIED. that and who ever started this whole couple thing is seriosly a complete GIRL.)
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