Chapter 364 (warning: spoilers)

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Chapter 364 (warning: spoilers)

Post by Spetsnaz »

Chapter's 364 last pages may be shocking to some (if not all) Naruto fans. Apparently
Tobi survived and reveals himself to be none other than Madara Uchiha, possibly the strongest Uchiha member and the real leader of Akatsuki
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Re: Chapter 364 (warning: spoilers)

Post by Jp153 »

I Just read! WOW I can not Believe it!
Who would have thought Tobi Seemed sooo WEAK!!
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Re: Chapter 364 (warning: spoilers)

Post by Cody-kins »

yeah it was obvious
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Re: Chapter 364 (warning: spoilers)

Post by Princess Uchiha »

when tobi said " the sharingan's power, my power, uchiha madara's power" he could be trying to say that his power comes from uchiha madara, since he is the first uchiha, not that he actually is uchiha madara. But i dunno i always thought Tobi was Obito seeing as the both have similar personalities, appearances etc.

Maybe kishi is trying to confuse everyone ^_^

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Re: Chapter 364 (warning: spoilers)

Post by Morphea »

I was SOOO surprised...
These Uchihas just keep popping up though, huh?
Screw Sasuke and his "Pity me, I'm the last Uchiha," crap
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