Question about the manga?

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Question about the manga?

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I read the manga where in this scene Jiraya says that he believes it was Uchiha Madara summoned the 9-tails and led it to attack Konoha. But if that's true then why are there 8 other beasts with tails? Did Madara summon them too or was there an organization that each created these beasts? Help anyone? ](*,) :-s
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Re: Question about the manga?

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ok, all the summons are actually in the world somewhere, when you summon it, you just teleport it to where you are. so the 9 tails, and all the other beasts are already somewhere in the world, so madara just teleported the 9 tails to konoha for some reason. my guess woul dbe to get rid of the 4th.
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