who will win sakura or ino?

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Re: who will win sakura or ino?

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Amray wrote:.......Seriously?.... -_- I had no Idea You Were that sort of Guy....
I was kidding.
Amray wrote:I honestly Shudder like mad the moment I see atleast 1 Guy in pictures,Even if there is a really Hot Woman in the pic somewhere too..
Seeing a guy naked is not disturbing nor is it arousing. Why are you so disturbed by seeing the same parts you have?
Amray wrote:And if its Two Men together Then I would Hurl, Actually its making me quite unwell just thinking about it...
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Re: who will win sakura or ino?

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I think you're getting a little off topic here.
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Re: who will win sakura or ino?

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Battousai The Manslayer wrote:
Amray wrote:Hahah XD.

I've seen pictures of Ino and Sakura doing.......... stuff to....each other..xDD
Haven't we all? :lol: :lol: :lol:
i'm not into Naruto Doujinshi...but i don't mind the girls having it on =P~ , and Yaoi just sucks balls. ..literally *shudders* ...

anyway... back on topic... i say sakura...one hit from sakura and ino's down for the count ^_^
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Re: who will win sakura or ino?

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Hurray For Pink Haired Chicks!! =3
Hm Hm Hm Ha Ha Ha HA HA HAAA
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Re: who will win sakura or ino?

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