Behind the Scenes Series: (BTSS)

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Behind the Scenes Series: (BTSS)

Post by Azarath_Gen »

Episode 1: "The Broken Seal BTS"

Masashi Kishimoto (director): "Cut. Okay everybody take a 10!"

Naruto had just finished his scene where he was fighting Haku and his demon chakra has just leaked out. Naruto was panting with all the fighting scenes.
Masashi: "Great job Naruto! I swear that you are the best actor I have EVER worked with! :D "
Naruto: "Umm....thank you? I better get something to eat."

Saskue was already at the food table stuffing his face with powdered donuts. Naruto kept his distance and headed towards an exit door for some fresh air. But when he opened the door, thousands of screaming fans were trying to bust in! Naruto just ran to his dressing room.
Naruto: "Holy crist! How do they stand there for hours screaming?"

Just then a woman with nothing but a towel came out of the bathroom. Her name was Karin, she would later on appear in the Shippuuden series. \:D/
Karin: "You look tired Naruto, why don't i give you a massage? I mean your seal was broken today so why don't I slide your V-card?"
Naruto: "Well I would love the massage but don't you think I'm a little young to lose my V-card?"
Karin: "Well I can't wait until the Shippuuden series...I'll probably have aids by then!"
Naruto: "You can wait till I'm fiftenn! I know I will!"

Masashi then started screaming out for Naruto for his next scene with Haku! But what Naruto was about to find out next about Haku....would make us wondered...why? Why him?

Will Naruto sleep with Karin?What happened to Haku? And will those God-damn fans ever stop screaming?

Tune in next time.... =D> \:D/ =D> \:D/ :crazy:
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Re: Behind the Scenes Series: (BTSS)

Post by Nyx »

Hun...this is more for the Talent Thread, Home of Fiction and Stories, both regular and fan.
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Post by Azarath_Gen »

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Re: Behind the Scenes Series: (BTSS)

Post by Azarath_Gen »

Episode 2: "The Broken Seal Pt2 BTS"

Masashi: "NARUTO AND HAKU! ON SET NOW!!!!" :x

Naruto ran to go get Haku from his dressing room but forgot to knock. And to Naruto's surprise, what he saw was to scar him for the rest of his life. Naruto caught Haku dancing infront of a mirror, while playing with breast implants, and reading a playboy Britney Spears edition, and playing Jessica Simpson on the radio. :pale:
Naruto: "HAKU!!! WHAT'RE YOU DOING! STOP! :twitch: "
Haku: "Doesn't anyone freaking knock anymore. And I wasn't doing anything.... :oops: "
Naruto: "OMG! Once I tell everyone what I saw here, Masashi willl finally fire you as intended!"
Haku: "Listen to me you distorted orange, if I find out to told anyone about this, I'll let your fans know about that secret you tried to hide since your first episode "ENTER NARUTO UZUMAKI"."

Naruto froze and backed out of the dressing and walked pissed off. Haku got dressed and was ready to leave. Kakashi (Copy Ninja) was talking to Masashi about his role as the copy ninja.
Kakashi: "I can't be like this ultimate ninja or something? Why do I have to be the copy ninja?"
Masashi: "That's how I want it. Besides, you get alot of publicity like this as the mysterious, sexy ninja that has to always be sarcastic."

Kakashi walked away in despair and saw Naruto all pissed.
Naruto: "KAKASHI! What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?!
Kakashhi: "Well I saw that you were all depressed so I wanted to cheer you up! HELLO SUNSHINE! :D "
Naruto: "KAKASHI! Anyways I'm pissed because of Haku. You don't want to know what I saw in his dressing room. :sick: "
Kakashi: "AWWWWW....yes I do!!"
Naruto: "Well promise to keep this a secret :-$ ."

Naruto whispered into Kakashi and Kakashi giggled :lol: like a little girl.
Kakashi: "Alright Naruto. I'll keep it a promise."

Meanwhile, the screaming fans were getting out of control and they wouldn't shut up! They're all screaming for Naruto, Gaara, Saskue, and Haku :love: . Temari (Gaara's older sister) went outside and the fans yelled louder and louder. Temari was fed up and stood on top of a tall box to say something to the fans.
Temari: "OKAY SHUT UP! If i give you fan-fic yaoi pics will you all just shut up and leave so we can shoot the freaking episode!"

The fans all shut up and Temari threw fan-fic yaoi pcs at the fans and they all ran away happy. :mrgreen: ! Kakashi DIDN'T keep his promise and told everyone about what Naruto saw in Haku's dressing room. The whole set knew and as soon as Haku stepped out on set, the whole crew laughed including Masashi.
Haku: "Damn it Naruto. Now I'm going to tell everyone about that forbidden secret!"

Naruto ran towards Haku trying to stop him but he really was about to tell everyone THE SECRET! All of a sudden, Naruto's demonic chakra began to leak out surrounding him with intensity #-o . Masashi was excited and began yelling at the camera crew to video tape Naruto's outbreak. Haku was freaking out and just dropped his things and ran. :shock: !
Naruto/Kyuubi: "Are you planning on telling people NOW! :x "
Haku: "Me? Of course not....I was just bluffing"

Naruto then calmed himself down and returned to his normal state. (What weirdos :crazy: :D )
Masashi: "OMG! That was amazing. With some editing here and there, we got ourselves an episode. My goodness, you guys are going to be one hell of a series and I think we need to come up with more action like that!"
Everyone: "What-ever"

At the end of the day, Naruto went peacefully to his dressing room and saw Karin there.
Karin: "Hey there sexy. I heard about what happened today. Wow, you should be proud that you have me here to you know...comfort you!"
Naruto: "You know Karin, after what heppened today, I jut may take you up on that offer. Get that edible lingerie and I'll see you in 5mins."
Karin: " :shock: serious? :?: :?: :?: "
Naruto: "Well if you don't want, i'll understand... 8) "
Karin: "NONONONONO! Wait there and i promise, you'll love EVERY min. :D "
Naruto: "Hurry up then!"

What is this FORBIDDEN SECRET Naruto is hiding? What will happen to the fan-fic yaoi pics? And is Naruto and Karin really sexy buddies?

Tune in Next Time.... =D> :mrgreen: =D> :mrgreen: =D> :mrgreen: =D>
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Re: Behind the Scenes Series: (BTSS)

Post by Azarath_Gen »

Episode 3: "Genin Takedown! All nine Rookies Face off BTS"

The alarm clock went off and a hand crawls out from under the covers to turn the sound off. After a few minuets, the covers start to slid off to reveal a black-haired woman and she appeareds to have no clothes on. She shifts her body to her right and wraps her arm around her partner that was sleeping next to her. She opened her eyes and saw the small, blonde-haired boy that looked so peaceful and gentle in his sleep. That boy was Naruto and the woman was Karin. Maybe they were drunk, or maybe they were high, but it was now revealed that Naruto lost his V-card to an older woman.....Karin! :shock:
Karin shhok Naruto and tried to wake him up.

Karin: "NARUTO! Naruto, wake up! :!: :!: :!: "
Naruto opened his eyes with a small smile and he tried to shift his body away from Karin.
Karin: "NARUTO! Stop goofing around! I don't know if this is a dream but I think we slept with each other."
Naruto: "Karin, obviously. Don't you remember? We had a couple of drinks, you were a little woozy, and we did it for a while after we both passed out."
Karin: " :D ! Well then,........OMG!!!! you're late for work!"

Naruto got up in an instant and ran to find some clean clothes. Karin helped him as well and the two headed out the door. On set, Masashi was getting the props organized and all cast and crew members were acounted for, all except Naruto.

Saskue: "Where the hell is Naruto? Just because he's the main character, doesn't mean he gets to be late!"
Kakshi: "Oh shut up Emo! Naruto can do whatever he wants because he's the best."
Saskue: "Shut up you Naruto A** kisser! :x . Where is Naruto!?"
Naruto: "Saskue? I'm right here. You seriously need to learn how to cool down."

Saskue's face turned bright red in embarresment and he stormed away from Kakshi and Naruto. :oops: . Naruto signed his name on the sign-in sheet and took a quick scan of his script. the doors flew open and there he was, the legendary actor, Rock Lee :!: :shock: ! He walked toward Naruto and reached his hand out. Naruto shook his hand but was more focused on his script.

Lee: "Mr. Uzumaki, as an official character in your series "Naruto", I am quite honored to be in your presence. Unfortunately, I have found some news on you that was given to me by a recently fired source."
Naruto: "What the hell are you talking about? what news?"
Lee: "What I mean is, Haku, he recently left the show did he not?"
Naruto: "Yes but only because he wouldn't have properly "fit" in with the cast in future episodes. But why are you interested in him for?"
Lee: "Before I was a permenant character on this show, I bumped into him and he told me that forbidden secret of yours!"
Naruto: " :shock: "

Naruto went into shock mode and his rage was beginning to show. Naruto grabbed Lee by the neck trying to lift him high in the air. Lee couldn't get free so he spit on Naruto's face to distract him but it didn't work.

Naruto: "If you even think or breathe that secret to ANYONE! I swear you'll die and don't test me, you'll die!"
Lee: "(while chocking) I swear I won't say a....word. your...secret is safe....with me."

Naruto released Lee and walked towards the desert table. Lee rubbed his neck and ran to the make-up section.
Lee: "Hey, I'm sorry but can you cover up these red marks on my neck."
Make-up artist: "Sure darling. And welcome to the crew."
Lee: "I'm beginning to regret it.

Just then Sakura runs on the set screaming with a paper in her hand.
Sakura: "Masashi! I think you need to take a look at this! :( "
Masashi: "Well what is it?"
Sakura: "Almost every news channel is reporting about the fan-fic yaoi pics that are being sold on ebay."
Masashi: "WHAT????!?!?!?! :!: ! How and why?"
Sakura: "I don't know but the pictures are about Gaara, Saskue, Hake surprisingly, and the number 1, Naruto!"
Lee: "Damn! What the hell?! No pictures of me?"

Everyone looked at Lee and his face turned red. :oops:
Sakura: "Why don't you request a press conference."
Masashi: "No! That will take up to much explainations. Actually, why don't we let them keep the pictures, we get the profit, and we start selling real Naruto merchandise!"
Sakura: "that sounds all real and dandy but the real question did they get those pics? Those are some elite pictures and it must've gotten to the public somehow."
Temari spit out her food and began to laugh nervously :lol: trying not to look obvious.

Naruto: "Let's just get this episode done with already!
Masashi: "ALRIGHT! Let's go everyone!"

the FORBIDDEN SECRET still has not been revealed but what is it? Will the crew find out that Temari sold those pics? And os the relationship developing between Karin and Naruto real?

Tune in next time....... :mrgreen: =D> :mrgreen: =D> :mrgreen: =D> :mrgreen:

Commment! :D
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