Temari likes shikamaru.

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Re: Temari likes shikamaru.

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Renegade Chaos Angel wrote:
Aoi Sakuraba wrote:They put it because it's just obvious that she does, You can see it on the way she acts. She's like an obsessed school girl when it comes to shikamaru, but to stuborn to admit her fealings.
I agree. In the latest episode that I have seen so far. She definately likes Shikamaru. And on the other side,I think he likes her. His dad choose a bossy wife. (what Shikamaru says), so its only natural that it may happen to Shikamaru too.
Also, add the fact that Nara men love bossy women.
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Re: Temari likes shikamaru.

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Obviously very true through out the series. XD
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