Real Folk Blues (RP)

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Real Folk Blues (RP)

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Cowboy Bebop Lovers!

If you have ever looked at your computer screen, watched Adult Swim or ran home from a man after stealing their Cowboy Bebop DVD collection for a 30 minute viewing than the The Real Folks is for you. Come to this forum to interact with numerous other lovers of Cowboy Bebop in a world of it's own. Live the life of Spike, Faye, Jet, Ein and Crazy Edward as a RPer.

If you don't come, then you are only missing out on a world of fun and possibilities that are limited only by the reality of Watanabe Shinichiro. A world all of it's own is waiting for your spectacular imagination to take a taste. Come one, come all.

Become a Space Cowboy...or anything else you want to be!

The Real Folks (RP)

See ya Space Cowboy.

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