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Re: with or without

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Krimmu Za Rabitto wrote:Ed is a girl I finaly know.

Say what? :twitch:
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Re: with or without

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Tyche wrote:
Krimmu Za Rabitto wrote:Ed is a girl I finaly know.

Say what? :twitch:

Krimmu Za Rabitto Did not know ed was a female?
Can you find your name?
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Re: with or without

Post by ProtoNeiko »

A Young boy returns from a store were he had just bought a new game for his computer. "The world... Sounds interesting, plus alot of people from school use it too. So what the hell" He thinks to himself as he walks home with it. He gets to his house and installs it to his computer and puts the head set on.

"..Please select Character name..." He see's appear infront of his eyes when he puts the head set on.

"I'm never good at this naming thing... Unnn I'll be Reeve... I suppose" He says as the name 'Reeve' appears infront of him then it moves to the next screen.

"...Please Select a Class..." Appers next

"What is this...question after question. I just wanna play the damn game." He mumbles out as he scrolls through the list of character classes. "Ohh a Long arm, sounds like some sort of super hero." He says and selects it.

"...Please Design your character..." The game says next

"Fine fine fine... " He says and begins to design his character. His character forms into shape rather quickly as he starts. His character has long light brown bangs with a darker brown hair in back, his bangs hang over a light blue bandana. He doesn't really have that much armor, a single right shoulder pad and a chest plate is the stock of his armor. The rest of what he is wearing is a greyish blue shirt with light blue pants and long brown boots as for his weapon its was a rather large steel pole which required two hands to weild.

Reeve was then teleported to a city. Reeve begin to walk around listening to some of the other players talking. "So whats so great about this game if all thats going on is people talking." He thinks as he sits down. Reeve sits there for a little while longer untill he see's a grunty. "That is the uglyist thing ever! I have to get one!" He says say he jumps up to run over to it. Reeve gets over by the grunty and begins to play with it, rolling around on the ground and play fighting with it. "Piggy super punch!" He says as he lets the grunty head-butt him. "I can recover from that, Reeve double stick thrust! OH NO! He's useing super piggy tackle" Reeve says as the grunty jumps up on him and begins to lick him.

Reeve continued to play with the little grunty untill its owner realized it was missing and went over and took it back off Reeve. Reeve smiled a bit at the though of the grunty. "Now I have to learn to battle and such I suppose. I'll just become a great hero then buy my own Pig thing!" He says to himself aloud "I'll just have to become some super popular hero that saves everyone... sounds easy enough..." He thinks as he gets up and teleports to the Level 1 battle Field.

Reeve looks around, he basically seeing nothing a couple of trees and shrubs around, and a couple of weird scarecrow things. "God this place is dead..." he says and walks over by one of the scarecrows. "And this is the ugliest scarecrow ever." He says and turns his back toward it. A couple of seconds later Reeve it knocked down to the ground. Reeve stumbles up to his feet and takes out his pole. "Ha, who's there! I'll take you on!" he says and looks around. Reeve continues to yell for a few seconds before he see's the scarecrow move slighty.

"...KakaSinger, Level 1..." The voice from the start of the game says.

"Ahh the scarecorw is a monster!" Reeve says and pokes it with his pole. The Kakasinger moves back slighty. Reeve smirks then swings at the stick holding the monster in place, as Reeve swung the monster jumpe over the attack, then stuck its tongue out at Reeve. "I am Reeve, the great Long arm! I protect all things Small and piggish and you shall be my first victum!" He says and points at the Kakasinger

Reeve then unleashes a series of swing attacks on the Kakasinger, one of which connects and knock off one of its arms. The Kakasinger looks at Reeve stunned for a second then turns and begins to hop away. "What the hell are you doing! Come back and fight like a Man...err... thing!" Reeve yell and begins his pursuit of the monster. Reeve chases after the monster for a good five minutes before his finally knocks it down and kills it. "Ah Ha! a this rate I'll be a great hero and have a pig in no time!" He says to himself and puts his foot up on the dead body.

Reeve then gets a feeling like he was being watched, then Kakasingers start hoping out from behind trees and other things that are around till the surround him. "Unnn this isn't what it looks like guys... he was like this when I got here?" He says as the hop closer and closer.

Two figures watch from upon a close by mountain range. "Should we help him out?" The first one says. "Looks like we have too... But I want to see what the 'great hero' will do first." The other says and smirks

"Ha! Looks like I'll just have to take out all of you myself!" Reeve says as he points his pole towards them. Then one of the Kakasingers hopped closer and kicked up a rock, knocked Reeve's pole out of his hands. "I'm not defeated yet!" Reeve yells and picks up a stick off the ground. Reeve then rushs head on with the Kakasingers and begins to attack them with the stick.

"Maybe he won't need our help anyway?" The first figure says and turns to the seond.

The second one sighs and points over to the battle. "Better check again..."

They both look at the outcome of the battle with amazement. The Kakasingers have managed to take Reeve's pole stick it in the ground and have tied Reeve to the top of it so he isn't even touching ground and are now hopping around it in circles. "Let me down you stuipd things! I'm going to defeat every last one of one!" Reeve says and begins to kick at the monsters. One of the Kakasingers gets to close to Reeve and gets its head kicked right off. "See thats what the rest of you things are going to get! The Great hero Reeve shall provale!" He yells and begins kicking more.

All the Kakasingers left turn and look at Reeve with anger in there eyes. Next they all begin to flail backa nd forth smacking Reeve with they're arms. "Damn! Owww! Stop that! AHHH!" Reeve begins to say as the continue there attacks. Reeve then begins to break down and cry!

Both figures looks at each other and sigh. "He's so pathetic..." The first says.

"I know... But Now We're going to have the help." The second says.

"I'll take the half on the right and you take the half on the left?" The first one askes.

"Okay, sounds like a plan!" The second says as they both jumps down and begin to run over to the battle.

Reeve then notices two people running toward the battle. "Your doomed now scarecrows! I have my reinforcements going to defeat you all!" He says with a laugh. The Kakasingers turn look at them, then they turn back to they're attacks on Reeve.

The first figure begins to slash the Kakasingers down with her lance, she throws it into ones head grabs it and stabs at more quickly. She Begins to slash and destroy all of the monsters on the right half of Reeve. She defeats her's then sticks her lance and the ground and waits.

The second simply yells out "Vak Don" and all of the scarecrows on the left side of Reeve, ingulf and fire and begins burning as the run into each other with they try to escape.

"Woah..." Reeve mumbles out while wacthing everything going on, he then looks at the one remaining Kakasinger in front of him and laughs. "They're going to get you!" He says between he bursts of laugher. The Last Kakasinger turns to run and Reeve kicks its head off too. Reeve finally turns and looks at the two people whom saved him. The First is a long arm like himself. She has long purple hair, a tanktop she also has long pants with cloth that drapes down in the front and back with a design on it, its red and yellow. And she also has a pair of sandles on.

The second one is a wave master. Whom has long brown hair, a ivory cloak that goes down to her hips. A green turtle neck tanktop and a skirt that goes down to her nee's in the front and reachs to the ground in the back. She also has a belt witha large feather attached. "Heya, I'm Hiita" She says as he turns to Reeve.

"And I'm Nikaru." The other says.

"Well... I'm Reeve. So now... GET ME DOWN!" Reeve says and begins flailing around on the top of the pole.

Nikaru sighs and begins pokeing at the ropes that hold Reeve on with her Lance. "You better brace your self." She says

"I don't get to brace myself! I'm a great he..." Reeve says before the ropes break and he hands flat on his face on the ground. "...ro..." He says as he gets up to his feet.

Nikaru and Hiita both begin to laugh. "Some hero." Hiita adds as Reeve dusts himself off.

"Don't make me have to defeat you and prove my heroy powers!" Reeve says as he pulls his pole out of the ground.

"We all know you wouldn't stand a chance. But It doesn't matter anyway It's time for me to log out. Here take my Member Address. And come to my place tomoreow when you sign on." She says and gives Reeve her member address, then signs out.

Reeve turns and looks at Hiita confused. "Just do it tomoreow... I'm going too, cause well your weird and scarey and I'm not going to be alone with you." Hiita says as she Logs out.

Reeve looks puzzled for a few moments then heads back to town. He walks around somemore untill he see's people talking. "Welcome anyone who's new to the game! Come sign up for my Novice training school." A Large Man says.

"Meh what the hell, why not. This way I can show those other two the true power of REEVE, THE GREAT HERO!" He yells out while everyone around is looking at him. He then goes over and sing up for the class.

He enters a small room and there are already three other people there. One of them wears a black belly shirt, that has crimson sleeve that arn't attached, she also has black pants with one leg longer then the other, the short on stoping at her nee. He has dark purple hair with two black ears that hang down the side of her head, and two black fox tails. Also a Upside down triangle under her left eye.

There's another with short curly pale blue hair, with some blue marks on her cheeks She also wears a pale blue skirt and shirt completed with her chest plate and sandles. There's also a rather large axe beside her.

And Last theres A she with black hair which is tied up in a bun two peices of hair hang down to her chin in the front and there is another long two in the back. she wears a black minidress with slits out to her thighs with three belts across her hip, one straight across and the other two criss-crossing.

Reeve looks are a place to sit down in the room. First he heads over to sit by the one with the axe. He sits down then she turns and smiles at him, he then looks at her axe again, which seems almost as big as her. Reeve looks rather intimadated and gets up and moves. Next he sits behind the one with the tails. Reeve looks at her tails and smiles then he begins to poke them and laugh. They all turn and look at him like he's crazy.

Soon after the Large man from outside walks in and says he'll be the person to teach us everything we need to know about the world. Almost right away the axe girl raises her hand and begins to ask questions. "Woah oh oh Before you begin Questions I should learn your names." He says and asks her, her name.

"I'm Rovia." She says and smiles brightly

"I'm ShadowFox." The one with the tails infront of Reeve states.

"I'm Takani." The Last one says

"And I'm Reeve, the great hero of everything small and piggish!" He says as he stands up and he's seat and trys to look heroic.

"Ahh you mean your like the... Hero of the grunties?" Rovia asks.

"Ahhh whats a grunty?" Reeve says dumbfounded.

"Ahhh you must be the biggest noob I've seen." The Teacher says

"I'm not a noob! I'm just... New" Reeve says and slamms he hand down on the desk.

Takani coughs "Noob" Then she coughs again.

Everyone begins to laugh as Reeve gets more upset. "I Don't have to take this! I quit this stuipd class thing!" Reeve says and storms up, then logs out for the night.


Thats the First chapter, Tell me if you like it anyone and I'll post somemore of it up here.
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Re: with or without

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Ed is a female, despite the fact that she has boyish hair and a boy's name. And Cowboy Bebop should not be without Ed. She is the comic relief, and makes the show cute and humorous. Cowboy Bebop needs that. It is a rather serious and complex story. Ed breaks the tension. Yay for Ed!
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