cowboy bebop why death

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re: cowboy bebop why death

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is dragging n it suddendly end,im surprise that spike could get to d top floor so fast
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Re: cowboy bebop why death

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hey that director was just as upset about the ending, so i think its standard when a series is as good as bebop is. i've never heard of a director emotionally effected by their own creation before. that proves that bebop does rock.
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re: cowboy bebop why death

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I totally agree with you wolfgang
but Im still surprised he didn't die in the movie after Vince shot him.
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Re: cowboy bebop why death

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Death created an immortal essence :!:

I would be devestated if he were to live, or if it was made certain, rather.

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Re: re: cowboy bebop why death

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pitt wrote:DUDE!!! they are just cartoons ok, no need to write laws on how to watch them and have conversations on them.
Whats stoping us from writting "the 10 commandments on how to watch Tom and Jerry".
if you hate anime so much why are you on this site? I dont know if you noticed but its called 'absolute anime'
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