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Re: If-You-Could-Be-A-Yu-Gi-Oh-Character...

Post by angelofdarkness »

i would have to say that i would either want to be yami yugi from season zero then i could duel rebecca in a yami no game and make her suffer a pently hehehe
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Re: If-You-Could-Be-A-Yu-Gi-Oh-Character...

Post by Shiroi Yuuki »

I guess i'd be Mokuba. I have a big brother very much like Seto. That way, i can imagine i'm with my big brother all the time, cuz he's not around anymore.
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Re: If-You-Could-Be-A-Yu-Gi-Oh-Character...

Post by shioricallisto »

I would be two different people. I would be Mokuba or Yami Yugi. If I had to choose between them I would be Yami Yugi. Not because he is like sort of powerful or anything like that. It is just because I think that it would be cool to be able to duel like him. :D :D
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Re: If-You-Could-Be-A-Yu-Gi-Oh-Character...

Post by Nathan~Chevalier »

I dont know who id be, maybe Mai or rebecca just cause i love their cards, but i also think id be joey to try and get it on with seto
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Re: If-You-Could-Be-A-Yu-Gi-Oh-Character...

Post by KikoourFallenAngel »

If i could be any character, I think I would choose....... Odion or Ishizu, because they both got to be around little Marik all their lives and i just think that marik is soooooooo smexy. *drool* lol. :love: But I think that I would be...Odion, hes around him more. XD
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Re: If-You-Could-Be-A-Yu-Gi-Oh-Character...

Post by .:Aki-Kun:. »

I know im a girl but, i want to be Seto Kiba or Joey
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