Yu Gi Oh around the world?

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Yu Gi Oh around the world?

Post by Spellcaster »

Lolz...I just wanna know what yu gi oh/ GX series everyone in the world is up to. Stupid question I know but Im just pointing out here that Australia is the slowest country in the world with their anime. Just so you know...we only started the second series of yu gi oh Gx and we havent even finished the original yu gi oh series! so yeah....lolz :wink:
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Re: Yu Gi Oh around the world?

Post by Yami Yugi's fan »

I know that on RTL II (Germany) Yu-Gi-Oh had finished long time ago. Yu-Gi-Oh GX is starting now the second season.
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Re: Yu Gi Oh around the world?

Post by KoYue »

Mexico is slower than Australia. :heh: Well, sometimes they get the anime before other foreign countries . . .
The original ended a while ago in the U.S. while GX is on hiatus at the moment The last episode was the last one of the second season.
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Re: Yu Gi Oh around the world?

Post by ChaosEnVy ~(Shade)~ »

i seen afew new episodes of GX on CN(cartoonnetwork) on the weekends ther in the 3rd right now :3 5 or 4 episodes in not sure tho...
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Re: Yu Gi Oh around the world?

Post by *Sakura* »

The slowest country in the world with anime is Slovenia,we don't even have the second season of yu-gi-oh!

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