gazelle the peacemaker?

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gazelle the peacemaker?

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hi there i am new to the forums i registered yesterday anyway i am making a simple question i wanna know if gazelle the peacemaker(wich they say is a character from trigun) appeared in the manga or something like that but he look more like B.D.N but with different clothing so if someone could answer

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Re: gazelle the peacemaker?

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he's a manga character. same as elendira the crimsonnail
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Re: gazelle the peacemaker?

Post by Raffian »

Off topic,but how many Trigun mangas are there?

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Re: gazelle the peacemaker?

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Don't really know, but it looks like there's 8 so far.
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Re: gazelle the peacemaker?

Post by orpheus »

theres a lot of GunHoGuns that never made it into the anime most of them from the cult "Eye of Michael" where wolfwood comes from.

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