Haru or Musica?


re: Haru or Musica?

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Apples and Oranges... cheerful Haru Glory or cool Musica? Hard to compare, really.

Haru is more powerful and Musica is more cool, really hard to decide.
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re: Haru or Musica?

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Musica is better!
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re: Haru or Musica?

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Both are cute.

re: Haru or Musica?

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I would go with Musica all the way man :mrgreen:
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re: Haru or Musica?

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I aint female, so I don't know. But I'd much rather be musicaa than Haru.
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re: Haru or Musica?

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Haru doesnt tell people about his grades while he's fighting them...which Musica did in episode 4 or5. On the other hand,Musica's simply better than Haru. In this case I'd have to say Musica.
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Re: Haru or Musica?

Post by Amray »

HARU!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Haru or Musica?

Post by MANGApunk »

I like Musica because he is really strong and cute, but Haru is the hero and he's cute an funny too. LOL, I can't decide. My fav girl character is obviously Elie though. She and haru make a good pair.
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