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Well if you do a little research into the types of disease that existed for that time period you come across some that resemble that of what Kenshin and Kaoru had. If you pay close attention to the effects of the disease you can come out with an answer theat best suited what was going on with Ken and Kaoru. I have since forgoten what disease I had picked to be most likely but if anyone does the research and finds an logical answer please post it.

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i think that they had tuberculosis

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Rurouni-maxi wrote:Hey people! [spoiler]I wanted to know of what disease Kenshin dies! (It's so sad... :cry: )[/spoiler]
Could anyone tell me that? Pretty please? ^_^

I am pretty sure that it said he died of
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cholera = explosive diarrhea...
leprosy = explains skin, but not coughing and excessive memory loss...
tuberculosis = doesn't explain skin or memory loss
blood of those killed = would've shown up sooner
guilt manifesting itself as disease = kaoru couldn't get infected

so, the disease was made up.
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I'm pretty sure he had leprosy. Don't you remember he was all bandaged up? If I'm not mistaken (and it has been awhile since I watched the OVA) but we learn that Kaoru gets it as well. I think they said something like even though she knew he was infected, she loved him so much that it didn't matter - something very similiar to that.
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blackdrago56 wrote:hm. Looks like none of you know. The ova reflection was made by sony. It was not made by nohiburu watsumi.( the creator of rurouni kenshin) Nohiburu Watsumi never wanted this ending for kenshin. But, sadly, the last graphic novel, he said, was his last work. In other words, the series ends with no ending, but you know kenshin has a happy life ahead of him. So, the true ending is in the last volume of the manga. I think sanosuke joins yhe oniwabanshu clan, kenshin and kaurou get married, and i dont know what happens to yahiko. i did a lot of research about this.
I must object to the final series of that. They were still going with japan's yahiko no sakabato. But the thing he died from is etheir the virus. or what happen in the orignal vol. The disease was his health. the compression of ougi trigger it to make his health go bad. Hiten mitsurugi took affect on his body. there was a limit to him since he was not like hiko. Hiko could with stand it cause his body armor that he has had for years. as for kenshin. he had limits to his body
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