Kaoru or Tomoe

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Well Kaoru or Tomoe?

Total votes: 28

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Re: Kaoru or Tomoe

Post by rukia_fenris »

Kaoru!!! definitely!!!
im a Kaoru fan so ill support her thru and thru!!!
i luv her!!!! shes my idol!!! \:D/ [-o<

and kenshin and kaoru are perfect for each other
kaoru supports kenshin!
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Re: Kaoru or Tomoe

Post by ScarredSwordHeart »

I'm a fan of both. I loved thought Tomoe and Battousai's relationship was a beautiful Japanese love tragedy. I love Kaoru and Kenshin's closeness, especially in the Jinchuu Arc as we see their relationship finally blossom.

As for my personal preference between the two, I do prefer Kaoru because she reminds me a lot of myself.
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Re: Kaoru or Tomoe

Post by soulreaper_shinigami »

Kaoru!!!!! but i also like tomoe.... but....... she's already dead. so i vote for kaoru!!! :D tee-hee^_^
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Re: Kaoru or Tomoe

Post by Ms. Fluffy Butt »

Kaoru cause she sticked with Kenshin till the end!
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Re: Kaoru or Tomoe

Post by neo girl »

i think they both deserve him because they love him with all their heart
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